MDMA News for April 24, 2024

mdma logoCalifornia Senators Advance Bill to Legalize Psychedelic Treatment Centers

Source: Ganjapreneur
California senators are moving forward with a bill aimed at legalizing psychedelic treatment centers, including the use of MDMA, DMT, and other psychedelics. Full story after the jump. Marijuana Moment reports that individuals would be able to use psilocybin, MDMA, and mescaline while under supervision.

Lykos Therapeutics Announces Completion of European Phase 2 Study for MDMA-Assisted Therapy

Source: PR Newswire
Lykos Therapeutics has completed a European Phase 2 study for MDMA-assisted therapy. The study involved the use of MDMA capsules in combination with psychological intervention for adults with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Federal Register Proposes Adding Fentanyl, Removing MDMA From Drug Testing Panels

Source: High Times
A recent proposal is considering adding fentanyl to the Department of Health & Human Services drug panel for testing, and removing MDMA/MDA.

PharmAla Biotech Advances Global MDMA Production and Research

Source: MarketScreener
PharmAla Biotech is advancing global MDMA production and research. As the sole provider of clinical-grade MDMA for patient treatments outside of clinical trials, PharmAla is uniquely positioned in the market.

Source: Yahoo Finance Canada
PharmAla Biotech‘s advancements in global MDMA production and research have been noted.

Ecstasy Leads to Rare Aneurysm in College Student

Source: Yahoo Life UK
A college student developed a rare aneurysm after consuming MDMA (Ecstasy). Dr. Dileep comments on the symptoms associated with this condition.