We're dedicated to the development of the clinical MDMA industry.

Evolving regulatory conditions and uninformed stigma have made MDMA studies and treatments difficult to facilitate. Our mission is to help drive the industry forward with educational resources and by connecting researchers and medical teams with MDMA suppliers and manufacturers.


MDMA-assisted therapies have shown promise in treating a wide variety of concerns from PTSD to autism. Its ability to reduce anxiety allows patients to address difficult memories or situations.

mdma psychiatry treatment

Quality & Safety

With few cGMP manufacturers available, it's crucial to find the right manufacturing partner or supplier for your needs. We only work with those who have a proven track record of industry-leading practices, both for user well-being and result consistency.

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We're grateful to work with a network of knowledgeable MDMA suppliers and manufacturers who have extensive experience facilitating MDMA-related trials and research. Let us know a little about your requirements and we'll connect you with a helpful expert who would be happy to discuss your requirements.