MDMA News for April 28, 2024

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Lawmakers Urge VA To Prepare Strategy For MDMA Therapy As FDA Weighs Approval

Source: Forbes

Lawmakers are pushing for the Veterans Affairs (VA) to develop a strategy for MDMA therapy in anticipation of potential FDA approval as soon as this summer. In February, the FDA agreed to assess MDMA-assisted therapy as a treatment for PTSD.

In-Depth Read: Inside Alberta’s promising psychedelic-assisted therapy industry

Source: Rocky Mountain Outlook

Despite the illegality of psilocybin and MDMA, registered practitioners in Canada can seek approval for their use in therapy with specific patients through the Special Access Program.

Veterans Notes: New research into the benefit of psychedelics for treating PTSD and …

Source: Wadena Pioneer Journal

There is ongoing research into the potential benefits of psychedelics such as MDMA and psilocybin in conjunction with psychotherapy for treating PTSD and depression among veterans. This research marks a significant advancement in treatment options.