MDMA News for April 27, 2024

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Inside Alberta’s promising psychedelic-assisted therapy industry – Yahoo News Canada

Source: Yahoo News Canada

… MDMA with psychological counse. … MDMA with psychological counselling for persistent conditions like PTSD, major depression, and anxiety. “It was a …

Agony over ecstasy: FDA bid shows it’s hard to test psychedelics – Washington Post

Source: Washington Post

An independent analysis of clinical trials of MDMA-assisted therapy raised doubts about the integrity of the studies. The sponsor is expecting the …

B.C. moves to ban drug use in public spaces, taking more steps to keep people safe

Source: BC Gov News –

B.C. is taking action to make illicit drug use illegal in all public spaces, including inside hospitals, on transit and in parks.

Canadian province will make changes to try to stop drug use in public places, premier says

Source: The Washington Post

Possession of small amounts of opioids, cocaine, methamphetamine and MDMA, also called ecstasy, was decriminalized in B.C. last January after the …