Is MDMA Legal?

is mdma legalThe legality of MDMA will vary from one country/jurisdiction to the next. This is not legal advice and we recommend that you consult a legal expert in this field prior to acting on any information.

In most countries, MDMA suppliers for recreational or therapeutic/medicinal purposes are strictly illegal. This is changing as more data comes to light however and some countries are beginning to make exceptions in specific use cases.

  • Canada – MDMA is illegal for recreational use, but in early 2022, Health Canada’s Special Access Program (SAP) was updated to include the use of MDMA for treatment in pre-approved medical situations.
  • USA – MDMA is a Schedule 1 drug, however, there is an extensive Phase 3 trial underway and the assumption is that based on the findings the FDA will grant some form of regulatory approval for its use in 2022.

If you know of an update to the legal status of MDMA in a country, please let us know and we’ll update the information above to reflect that change.