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Evolving regulatory conditions and uninformed stigma have made MDMA studies and treatments difficult to facilitate. Our mission is to help drive the industry forward with educational resources and by connecting researchers and medical teams with MDMA suppliers and manufacturers.


MDMA-assisted therapies have shown promise in treating a wide variety of concerns from PTSD to autism. Its ability to reduce anxiety allows patients to address difficult memories or situations.

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With few cGMP manufacturers available, it's crucial to find the right manufacturing partner or supplier for your needs. We only work with those who have a proven track record of industry-leading practices, both for user well-being and result consistency.

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What Are Clinical Studies?

Clinical studies refer to research involving human volunteers (also known as participants) to contribute to medical knowledge. With this in mind, it is important to also note that there are…

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How is MDMA Used to Treat Alcohol Addiction?

A recent study on MDMA for alcohol addiction had encouraging results. Doctors in Bristol carried out tests to determine whether psychotherapy combined with several doses of MDMA can assist patients…

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Can You Use MDMA For Depression?

MDMA (3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine) is currently being researched as an alternative treatment for depression. Depression is a complicated situation where the underlying mental cause is sometimes unknown. Because of the elusiveness of…

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Can You Get Addicted To MDMA?

With clinical use of MDMA steadily on the rise, the question of; can you get addicted to MDMA, is an important one for patient health. Research is yet to answer…

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Is Ecstasy MDMA?

Ecstasy is a street drug that is quite popular in the club scene since the 1980s. While MDMA is advertised as the core component of Ecstasy, studies of the pills…

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Is MDMA Legal?

The legality of MDMA will vary from one country/jurisdiction to the next. This is not legal advice and we recommend that you consult a legal expert in this field prior…

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Is Molly MDMA?

Molly is a slang term of a street drug containing MDMA. It’s generally marketed as being a pure crystalline version of MDMA in capsules. This is slightly different from the…

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Can You Use MDMA for Therapy?

MDMA for therapy has shown incredible promise when treating a variety of concerns. The use of MDMA is not legal in many jurisdictions so be sure to check the laws…

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What is MDMA?

MDMA is an acronym for the chemical compound 3,4-Methyl​enedioxy​methamphetamine. This synthetic drug was first developed in 1912 and is a psychoactive compound that produces an effect of altered sensations, an…

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